Vacation to Indonesia is incomplete if you don’t stop in Jogja, a city with hundreds of interesting tourist attractions to visit. Start temple tours such as Borobudur temple, the world-famous Prambanan temple, beach tourism such as Parangtritis beach, Indrayanti beach, natural attractions such as Merapi, ancient volcanoes, educational tours such as smart parks, Yogyakarta Palace, etc. If you are headed to Jogja, here are some tourist attractions that we recommend to visit, both tourist attractions that are already popular and those that are still new

Borobudur Temple

temple borobudur

Jogja is incomplete if you do not visit this popular temple tour, Borobudur Temple. Borobudur Temple is one of the things that entered as a wonder of the world. It was built in ancient Mataram around 900 AD, where technology at that time was not yet developed, but it was able to produce a magnificent building that still stands firm today. Come at the time of the morning while watching the sunrise or in the afternoon to see the sunset is a suitable time to come here. Do not come in the afternoon because the weather is quite hot and uncomfortable, it is better to come in the morning or evening.

Entrance tickets to Borobudur temple are quite affordable, including for foreign tourists, prepare your best time to visit Borobudur temple to get a pleasant and unforgettable impression. There are also guides who are ready to accompany you around the temple while learning the history of this Borobudur temple. Here there is also a museum that tells a more complete history of Borobudur temple

Merapi Lava Tour

This one tourist attraction includes natural tourism which is quite famous in Jogja, namely Merapi. An active volcano that holds beautiful natural tourist charms that you must visit while in Jogja. After the eruption in 2010, Merapi left a trail that is currently famous for lava tour tours. By renting a jeep type car that fits around 4 people, you will be invited to trace the trail of the Merapi eruption. Through the challenging terrain, you will be given an exciting and exciting experience with beautiful natural scenery. Prepare a camera to capture every interesting moment there, which definitely will be fun and will be an unforgettable experience.

Parangtritis Beach

This beach is located in the city of Jogja, whose name is Parangtritis Beach, a fairly regular beach tour in Indonesia and abroad. Take the time to visit this place, in this place you will see a pretty beautiful beach charm and fresh air, we recommend visiting the beach early in the morning or evening. In the morning the air still feels fresh and the weather is not too hot, even if you have time to rent an inn there to see the sunrise, a very pleasant experience.

Pindul Cave Tubing

This is a popular tour of the cave a few years ago, we recommend this place to get a different experience from previous tourist attractions. Searching the cave for several kilometers, you will be presented with a very interesting view in the cave. Using a tire that will be accompanied by a guide, my search begins, capture every interesting moment in the cave, this will be an exciting and exciting experience

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