Hiace Car Rental in Jogja

rent hiace jogja

Vacation to Indonesia precisely in the city of Jogja requires careful preparation starting from the hotel that will be used to stay, the fleet that will be used for sightseeing trips in Jogja, etc. The selection of cars to be used to be more effective must also be adjusted to the number of groups that will be taken, for groups in the moderate number 10-18 people we recommend to rent a hiace type car.

Why is the car hiace? this car has a maximum capacity of 18 passengers, a nice design, a spacious cabin, full air conditioning, and proved to be comfortable on the road. Added driver facilities that will make your trip easier starting from pick-up from the airport or hotel, deliver to the planned tourist attractions, buy by typical Jogja, to visit delicious culinary places in Jogja.

We recommend for Jogja car rental services that provide this hiace car, namely TiaTransport, Jogja travel tour. As a jogja car rental service that has a complete fleet including hiace cars, you can contact Mr. Ihsan at 081931725878, it can be via call or chat whatsapp.

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